Renowned for it's immune regulating, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties, Reishi contains a variety of bioactive polysaccharides triterpenoids and beta glucans that help to balance immune response, increase life expectancy and reduce stress

Reishi has been recognised as a medicinal mushroom for over 2000 years. In Japanese and Chinese traditional medicine, Reishi  has been used to treat asthma, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, cardiac arrest, and shortness of breath.  Reishi continues to be used for the prevention and treatment of bronchitis, allergies, hepatitis, and cancer. Multiple patents have been registered for fr it’s therapeutic effects.

Increase natural killer cells

- Anti-Allergy.
- Anti-histamine 
- Anti-inflammatory

- Antioxidants
- Antifatigue and depression
- Improve sleep latency

- Anti-viral

- Can lower blood sugar levels
- Protects liver

- Improves kidney function